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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's not the story here. the worst travel time would be 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. i realize the advisory is longer than that. that's out of an abundance of caution. new york city will be warm for anything frozen out there. overnight low about 39 degrees. freezing rain stays north and west. that's where the concern s that's why that's the advisory is. my extended forecast talks about a big warmup that's coming this weekend so we'll chat about that a little bit later. >> thank you. the man accused of ambushing a police officer in philadelphia says he was acting in the name of islam. surveillance cameras rolled as the suspect opened fire on a marked police cruiser this morning. now the nypd is on alert. cbs 2's jessica schneider live in times square with details. >> reporter: after this frantic call to philadelphia police dispatch -- bleeding heavily! >> reporter: the surveillance photos police say show 30-year- old edward archer firing into
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officer jesse hartnett back here in new york the nypd is alert. this afternoon all commands received a memo from the nypd chief of counter-terrorism reminding them there is a of service face from individuals seeking to start law enforcement personnel for a variety of reasons including terrorist motivations. it was about a year ago that officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were shot and killed inside their patrol car in brooklyn by ishmael brinsley. he took the bus from baltimore on december 20th, 2014, vowing to kill officers as revenge for eric garner's death and in paris thursday a man armed with a knife lunged at police there before he was shot and killed. after police in philadelphia caught gunman edward archer, he swore his allegiance to isis. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to "islamic state." he follows allah. and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> reporter: police say archer
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firing then reached inside in an attempt to assassinate officer hartnett. >> he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> reporter: despite the barrage of at least 11 bullets, officer hartnett was hit three times in the left arm. hartnett called for help and then chased and shot the suspect. tonight philadelphia's police commissioner is calling the survival survival is miraculous as he was hit three times in the arm. jesse chavez cbs 2 news. a developing story. this one is in brooklyn. a school bus overturned after being t-boned by a camaro. witnesses say the bus was making a turn when the car came barreling through the intersection. four children and three adult were taken to the hospital and
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so far no charges have been filed. a long island teacher's aide is accused of abusing a child by aggressively wiping the nonspeaking disabled girl's face leaving the child bruised. the girl's mother is speaking to cbs 2's jennifer mclogan tonight new at 6:00. >> i feel like they were trying to sweep it under the rug. >> reporter: her daughter returned from school she says with extensive bruising on the face. >> there were scratches on her face, it was -- it was horrible. >> reporter: the rockville centre mother claims a teacher's aide abuse the crystal inside little village school in seaford. after visiting the family doctor, she confront school official and says she was given the runaround. after weeks of emails, texts and phone calls, she said the school showed her surveillance video inside the classroom. >> wiping her so hard! so hard with a paper towel.
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and suffers from a rare chromosome disorder. >> in the video is showed her head going all the way back and my daughter was just helpless, just looking down. she didn't do anything. she can't. she is defenseless. she can't fight for herself. >> reporter: your daughter can't speak? >> can't speak. can't lift up her hands. she can't say stop. >> reporter: beltre went to the police. eight months passed since the alleged abuse. the mother says she never gave up and on this day feels vindication. >> finally today relieved. >> reporter: the school's aide head covered by a coat 25-year- old alexander kamal a college grad from garden city pleaded not guilty to a class e felony endangered the welfare of a disabled person. is there anything that you can see at this time? >> when all the facts come out, i'm confident that she will be vindicated totally. >> reporter: the school is cooperating. >> the. >> remove yourself from the
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>> reporter: they say: the aide is out of a job and released on bond. her attorney says a judge will be able to clearly see on video there was no abuse. from district court in hempstead, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. a westchester doctor sold painkiller prescriptions from inside his car while so-called patients lined up in a parking lot. a psychiatrist faced a judge today and received a high bail in a case that includes a fatal drug overdose. cbs 2's lou young with the story in white plains. >> reporter: the lawyer for accused pill doctor al friend ramirez says his 78-year-old client is more confused than criminal. the orange county psychiatrist arraigned today on federal charges of selling oxycodone prescriptions for cash as
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>> he got into the area of pain management medication because it's an area that he felt was underserved. >> reporter: ramirez is charged with selling thousands of prescriptions to dealers who sold them on the street. one man was using them to self medicate for depression and died of a drug overdose. a tragedy when his life was coming on track. >> everything fell into place. he was buying a car and he was teaching and he was going on vacation. you know. so he was good. >> reporter: then tended. >> then it all ended -- then it ended. >> then it all ended. >> reporter: the prescription abuse goes back decade. his defense hinges on his age and failing health. >> he wasn't aware of his own limitations potentially? >> you think he was just perhaps incompetent but not
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filipino-born doctor could try to leave the country the judge set hit bail at $1.25 million house arrest, gps bracelet for tracking. at his age, ramirez is facing potential prison time that could amount to a life sentence. in white plains, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> agents say when they raided dr. ramirez's home he had bags of cash total $325,000 stuffed in filing cabinets. an nypd sergeant has been stripped of her badge and gun and now faces internal charges in the death of eric garner who died in police custody july 2014 on staten island as he was being arrested for selling loose cigarettes on the street. the medical examiner says a chokehold contributed to garner's death. sergeant kizzy adonis was one of the supervisors at the scene and faces a disciplinary
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>> nothing short of me describing my embarrassment to commissioner bratton, my embarrassment to the commissioner of the nypd making a decision on a case to which i don't even think they facts. >> the officer who you see there on the screen who had his arms around garner remains on desk duty. a grand jury declined to charges. the nypd tonight warning women in the west village about a suspect wanted for sexual assault. investigators released a sketch of the man in a surveillance photo they say shows him near the crime scene. police say the man followed the 23-year-old woman home from the west fourth subway station overnight. he knocked on her door saying he lived in the building and smelled smoke. once inside her apartment, she said he hit and choked her and then sexually assaulted her. >> i think it's horrifying especially here.
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can see. nearby hospital. a new york lawmaker deadly elevator accident in the east village. 25-year-old steven hewitt brown was crushed to death by a elevator that suddenly dropped on new year's eve. a state senator wants lawmakers to enact a new elevator safety bill. it calls for a strict statewide standard for elevator safety and inspections as well as mandatory training and requiring elevator mechanics to be licensed. >> it shouldn't feel like a elevator. >> somebody has to be accountable for what happened. >> the department of buildings says all elevators at the east after the death. the elevator that malfunctioned is still down because of the investigation. next at 6:00, breaking records.
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tonight with people hoping to buy the winning powerball ticket but what are your chances of actually taking home the giant jackpot? plus -- >> winter is well under way. but it is hard to find snow. coming up, we'll take you to hawthorne, new jersey, where one family has decided to make their own. >> no snow, but a winter weather advisory for this evening. lonnie will be back with more on details with that. and coming up on the "cbs evening news" after us, more on the officer ambushed on the street in philadelphia. charlie rose in for scott pelley tonight. charlie, that video is unbelievable. >> hi, dana. it's unbelievable. we'll she you an isis inspired gunman's attempt to assassinate a police officer with incredible images and more of the capture of the escaped drug kingpin "el chapo" again. mexican special forces recovered him but can their
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every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. a record powerball jackpot is up for grabs tomorrow night's drawing now up to $800 million. cbs 2's meg baker joining us live from the west side. people buying up tickets, dreaming big, meg? >> reporter: dana, the line
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we are on the food mart on tenth avenue and 57th street. he sold the most tickets for this jackpot than any. it's the biggest prize ever and growing. if you won the powerball you would have made more with one ticket than some of the celebrities. like taylor swift, garth brooks, singer katy perry and floyd mayweather combined. even if take the after tax payout you could still top the list. but saturday night when the numbers are drawn, this woman will check her ticket. >> my kids lucky numbers, birthdays, things likes that. jackpots 7 times. he is sticking to his method. >> you play your own numbers and you play play them regularly. >> reporter: but officials say 70% of all tickets bought are quick picks and 75% of all winners are also quick picks. so your fiancee's birthday
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of a difference unless you play it every time. >> reporter: joe says taking his odds down a different road. you're buying the meganot the powerball why. >> because everybody is buying the powerball so i have a better chance to win the mega. >> reporter: now, lottery officials say that more than 600 million tickets will be sold before tomorrow. and i'm here with nadia and you guys went in on it together. why? >> just the office pool. other. we have seen many bad stories. you of the tickets? >> absolutely. there's four of our office friends that went in it together and we also have one ticket that we went on it together because we're buddies. >> it's someone's birthday tomorrow so maybe a little extra luck. >> mine! >> meg baker, cbs 2 news. we wish everybody luck. thank you, meg. mother nature not dishing out much snow this season so
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cbs 2's vanessa murdoch shows us how. >> reporter: january 2016 huntington new york. >> reporter: the snowfall is thick and steady. casey even busted out the snow blower to move snow he created. three days ago it covered his driveway and lawn. today little is left. meanwhile, one stayed over drive along sixth avenue in hawthorne new jersey and lawns are emerald green until number 92. >> it's awesome being the only house or yard in hawthorne and passaic county that has snow. >> reporter: michael says his homemade north pole is a childhood dream come true. >> i had a lady pull over to the side over there, get out of her car, look both ways, run across the street, touch it. >> reporter: wanda walked by. >> this is amazing. he started making snow monday with this. >> it's a snow gun.
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>> reporter: this magic maker can crank out one inch per hour under the right conditions. it needs to be at least 35 degrees cold and the relative humidity just right. after two nights in action, the snow in spots is 10" deep. >> pinch me, someone, is this real? >> reporter: his son, michael, says word of his snow is spreading fast. >> when i walk into school in the morning i at least get five kids, how did you get snow on your lawn! >> reporter: a classmate's parent stopped by to see it even snapped pictures. >> it's a lot more than what i thought. >> it's a riot. i love it. especially when he shoveled. that was great. >> reporter: snow. a novelty this winter. from hawthorne, new jersey, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> so any chances of the real thing anytime soon? let's get back to lonnie. a little bit tonight. a little bit north of the city. first let's go outside with cloud cover. temperatures in the city not bad.
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temperature today. cloudy skies overhead. headlines coming together looking like this. it's not going to be a great weekend but it will be mild. by sunday, right there around 60 degrees, there is an icy chance on our roadways north and west of the city late night tonight. and that's where we are going to keep our eyes peeled for some driving problems out there. it's not going to happen in the city. temperatures are basically the lower mid-40s right now. 44 in the city. 43 downtown. 44 bay ridge. 46 right now at laguardia. but the bigger picture shows you colder areas. monticello will have slick spots on the road. anywhere from sussex to put number county, fairfield county, north of that, that's where the problems would be with some freezing rain and some icing and snow, as well. overnight tonight, vortex satellite and radar shows you the moisture that's moving in. the bulk of this line is going to be going north of our area and the bulk of the big activity south is going to be
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showing a little bit of a hook coming back in our direction. it's not going to roll or steamroll over our area but we are going to see some activity we didn't initially plan on seeing out of this system. there's so much going on. we have a cold front and associated trough. you will get bigger precipitation sunday. but temperature-wise you rise. you rise for your day tomorrow. you'll rise for your day on sunday. you do not tap into the colder stuff until you get into back side of of this front which will bring big rain but by monday, temperatures are cold at 39 for a high. yes, you get that chance tonight. okay? with some precipitation it could be frozen north and west. but then sunday here you are at 10 a.m. that's going to steamroll over us and that's going to bring a lot of rain. but again, this system not a big snowmaker. for tonight, maybe .2" around monticello. everyone else may get rain. the bigger rain comes sunday and that's what we're looking at the potential for one to
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so numbers across the board look like this. your 48 on saturday. 59 on sunday. the record is 60. that goes back to the late 1800s. so we are going to be right there, you know, possiblytying or breaking a record that's been in the books for about as long as they have had the book. and then you get to monday with the cold air coming back. it will be brighter and blustery 39. then we are keeping the 30s after that. >> you cracked us up. that's an old book! otis is next with what's ahead in sports. >> hey, dana. they have already beaten the best in the west. tomorrow afternoon the rangers set their sights on the best in the entire nhl. i'm on top of the worl!
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counting down to the super bowl right here on cbs play- off time. >> getting started tomorrow but this week tom coughlin resigned. play-offs beginning tomorrow with the wild card round. one of the matchups the bengals and steelers from cincinnati. i'm sure jets fans will have a look of envy. they would have been playing in cincinnati had they beaten
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instead, it's the bengals trying to win the first play- off game since 1991. they are 0-6 in that span and doing it with their backup quarterback aj mccarran, he is living in the moment -- aj mccarron and he is living the life. >> even this moment right now having this press conference, it'sle is i'll be able to tell my -- it's something i'll be able to tell my son when he grows up. >> you can see the game the steelers at the bengals tomorrow night at 7:30 with james brown and the boys on the nfl today. with jets and giants season over the best chance of a championship is on the ice with the rangers and islanders. blue shirts were out on the ice preparing for tomorrow with the best team in the nfl hl, the washington capitals. after beating dallas the best team in the west on tuesday the rangers hope another win will set the table for a winning streak.
6:25 pm
and to do that, we like i say, you practice well, prepare for each game, they are important games and it's a tight race now. we are aware of that. it's going to be a tight race to the end to get into the play-offs. so especially when you play against the best team in the league right now you know you have to play if you want to win. >> from the 62nd round draft pick to the hall of fame not the conventional path but you got to believe mike piazza's feeling on top of the world what better place to celebrate than atop the empire state building overlooking the area where he spent 8 years building that hall of fame career? he says you never get tired of the view. while he was taking selfies off a bat, it reminded him of the last time he was up there with the national italian- american foundation and who he is going to join in the hall of fame in july. >> that's another thing, too. you think about it, you know, the hall with being in yogi
6:26 pm
being in that group of italian descent is something very special, as well. >> there's no way a 62nd round draft pick would dream -- those are only dreams and they came through for mike piazza with hard work and the numbers and fan support. >> thanks. back after this. >> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by: in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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i'm kristine johnson. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a panicked parented runs after a stolen car. a suspect taking off with his 6-year-old stepdaughter inside. plus, 100-year-old gas pipes that could be right under your home! should you be concerned? also, it is a busy day in the weather center. our weather team tracking the storm moving in for your weekend. we'll have details on it coming up. that's at 11:00 on cbs 2 news. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" charlie rose in for scott tonight, new details on the capture of escaped drug kingpin "el chapo" and will fears of another prison break bring him to the united states? thank you for joining us at 6:00.


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